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* Tuesday, December 26, 2006 *

Christmas 2006

It's Boxing Day! Had a great Christmas this year! ^_^

Made our second visit to Phin's Steakhouse for dinner on Christmas eve. On a side note, here's my previous entry about Phin's~

1 Liang Seah Street
#01-15/16 Liang Seah Place
Singapore 189022

Tel: 63334396

It's actually jux opposite Bugis Junction; using the Mos Burger exit~

Not being avid fans of steaks, we ordered our favourite fish 'n chips. Beer battered and cost around $12.90 ala carte. Service was definitely not as brisk as compared to the last time. However, considering that it's Christmas eve night, they were rather busy compared to the last time when we arrived on a weekday afternoon. Our ice water and root beer float were the first to arrive~

The scoop of vanilla ice cream sank in~

After some waiting, we realised that the peeps next to us have already got their orders and we placed our orders before them! However, we decided to wait it out for a while more, presuming that ours would arrive soon after~

The minutes ticked by, and we were starving. We were sitting there, literally being forgotten! I complained to the waitress who served us and she came back promptly, only to tell us that the chef had forgot about our orders! The nerve! At least she sounded sincerely apologetic~

Our food finally arrive after 45 minutes of waiting in total. They were lucky we are such nice people and didn't make a fuss. Hee~

Beer battered goodness~

The portions were considerably smaller than what we had the first time round. Coating remained wonderfully crispy and the insides tender and moist~

They should have thrown in a free dessert or give us a discount for making us wait so long ma! But as i said, they are blessed indeed that we're such nice people~ ^_^

Headed to Esplanade but nothing much there. Hopped on a bus to Orchard and the whole place was seriously congested; jux like it is every year~

Squeezed into a tightly-packed crowd jux for fun, hee~ Turned out the police had set up road blocks up front and as the people stuck in the middle and back were unaware, they kept pushing. Unfortunately for me, the people all around me towered above me~ O_o" As a result, i kept bumming my head into their backs; or rather, they kept bumming into my head with their backs. O_o"

Thank goodness the policeman saw me stuck amongst all the madness and shouted at the crowd to "let the lady pass through first"! Wahaha so shiok! ^_^


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