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* Tuesday, March 27, 2007 *

The Asian Kitchen

After getting our donuts, we headed to a secluded corner which had plenty of natural light to take pics of them~ Need to be fast so that the toppings would still be melty and glossy haha~

Jalaned around the nearby Marina Square and decided on Chinese food for dinner. Walked by The Asian Kitchen and thought, "Why not?"

Wanted to have some la mian (hand-pulled noodles) coz i remembered they weren't too bad the previous time i visited their VivoCity branch~ However for some reason we ended up ordering the rice sets~

Baby ordered the Viet Stew rice set ($7.70) while i went for the Omelette rice set ($6.70). Both of us are rather fond of sambal kangkong and so we ordered that too! ($5.70)

The stew was savoury, albeit a little diluted~ The Omelette was stuffed with minced meat; nothing to grumble about~ The sambal kangkong was divine though! Suitably spicy and delightfully flavoursome~

Extra order: Village Tofu! ($4.70) Perfectly fried tofu that's crispy on the outside, succulent and smooth on the inside~

Baby ordered their home-made grass jelly drink while i wanted home-made barley~ Eventually we exchanged our drinks coz we decided we preferred each other's drinks haha~

Had also discovered that they only serve xiao long bao (soup dumplings) in 3 of their outlets; namely the ones in CityLink Mall, Republic Plaza and VivoCity. Their other outlets have quite a few items omitted from their menu~

What a disappointment; i had a slight craving for xiao long bao!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Monday, March 26, 2007 *

Donut Factory

My goodness. They really were not exaggerating when they say the queue can get crazy~ Baby and i finally got down to Donut Factory yesterday to see what all the fuss was about~ I had wanted to wait for this craze (and queue) to subside but no chance of that happening soon~

We started queuing at about 4pm and only got our donuts a little after 5pm~ -_-"

I guess 1 hour's alright compared to some ppl who claimed that they waited for 4,5 hours~ Perhaps the management had done something to improve the situation~

Not easy to come by!

Raffles City, #B1-61

250 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179101

Tel: 63376268

U can smell wafts of buttery fragrance as u near them, in contrast to Vinco whereby the overpowering, pungent smell of grease lingered~

Everyone's limited to 2 dozen coz demand > supply~ They even had to break the queue into 2 coz the snaking queue would have blocked the whole passageway! Hence, there is now a short queue in front of the shop, followed by the passageway for shoppers to walk through and the rest of the queue snaking behind~

Many potential customers would start to queue from the front of the shop as they thought that the queue was short. Little did they know that they had cut into the queue~

Hence it is the unofficial duty of the person in front of these unknowing ppl to inform them that the queue ends behind~ They would then turn behind and SURPRISE! Wahaha~ After these ppl expressed their shock and disbelief, they usually laugh at their own folly and give up queuing~

Kinda fun to watch them actually~ Provided entertainment as we continued our tormenting wait~

Bought 2 dozen! ($11 per dozen) 1 box for each of us! ^_^ It's jux seemed rather dumb if we only buy like 1/2 dozen or something after queueing for so long!

We bought the same flavours; white strawberry hearts, glazed, hazelnut milk chocolate, peanut dark chocolate, orange white chocolate and double chocolate!

Goodness~ Will u jux look at the white chocolate melting off the top of the double chocolate donuts?! *Drool drool drools* Definitely our favourite! The white chocolate topping is laced with a hint of cinnamon and thick warm melted dark chocolate oozed out as i bit into it~ Bliss!

These pretty heart-shaped babies are filled with generous amounts of strawberry jam! Might be too sweet for some though!

Compared to Vinco, Donut Factory's donuts are lighter in texture, bigger in size and have generous toppings/fillings~ A clear winner!

I'll definitely return to try the other flavours (they offer 15 - take a look at their webbie)! Meanwhile, double chocolate, white strawberry heart and orange white chocolate come highly recommended! ^_^

P/S: If u like ur donut toppings all melted and oozing, pop them into the microwave oven for a couple of seconds before gobbling them up! ^_^
* * * * * * * * *

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* Friday, March 23, 2007 *

Vinco The Donut Parlour

Have tried Vinco for a couple of times now; tried to get different flavours each time. The donuts were fresh but no oomph la. The size of their donuts are somewhat small too~

$6 for 1/2 dozen assorted~

Chocolate Delight, Royal Cheese, Sweety Cheese and Original Glaze~

The Chocolate Delight was better than the rest while the cheese ones tasted kinda weird; especially Sweety Cheese~

They are better than the donuts sold in the average bakery, but there's still room for improvement~

One grouse is that even from a distance away, u can smell the pungent smell of grease which becomes overpowering after awhile~ Pity the staff working there!

Have heard that Donut Factory's better but havent got around to trying them yet coz i've heard that they've got crazy queues!

But I'll get down to it soon, promise!

VivoCity, #02-125

Tel: 63768238
* * * * * * * * *

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* Sunday, March 18, 2007 *

Cookies from Daiso

I'm a sucker for appealing packaging, especially cute ones~

Hence i simply had to buy these:

Was browsing around in Daiso when i saw these cute cookie packages~ Baby wanted some snacks so these were apt~

Right choice! The cookies were crunchy, buttery and not too sweet~ ^_^
* * * * * * * * *

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* Saturday, March 17, 2007 *

Deep Fried Mars Bar@Chippy's

I patronize Chippy's The British Takeaway (Far East Plaza, Suntec City, Raffles City) occasionally for their great cheese sausage and i always find myself intrigued by this particular item on their menu; Deep Fried Mars Bar~

Despite my curiosity, i never tried it coz i simply cannot imagine the taste of fried chocolate. It seemed rather quaint~

I talked myself into it and...

Perhaps u would like to take a look at it first?

Doesn't it look sinfully delish?

Deep fried mars bar accompanied with vanilla ice-cream; topped with hershey's chocolate syrup~

Warm melted chocolate oozed out as I bit into that nugget of fried goodness~ Wonderfully crispy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside!

The vanilla ice-cream complemented the fried mars bar really well! Plz dun choose chocolate ice-cream for obvious reasons!

Definitely going back for more! ^_^
* * * * * * * * *

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* Friday, March 16, 2007 *


Went down to Clarke Quay to visit this new place called The Central the other day~

A lot of shops are not officially opened yet, but there was this peculiar sight:

The towering robots appeared to be machines controlled by this 2 peeps initially, but i managed to catch a glimpse of a human arm through a slit!

Scam! Wahaha~

Before i uncovered the scam the guy actually asked me whether i wanted to shake hands with one of the robots coz he can programme it to shake hands~ O_o"
* * * * * * * * *

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* Sunday, March 11, 2007 *

Arnold's Fried Chicken

I've heard for ages that Arnold's Fried Chicken is better than KFC but never got around to paying it a visit as it's location's a little out of the way for me~

But locations should never be a deterrent in the search for good grub! Agreed? Agreed! ^_^

And so i finally went down to Arnold's to validate the many claims that they're better than the long-standing KFC!

City Plaza
810 Geylang Road #02-99/101
Singapore 409286

Tel: 67462372

They do have another branch recently set up over in Pasir Ris, but i tend to think that the original branch will always be the better one~

Arnold's resembles a fast-food restuarant but has a slightly different operating system.

Instead of ordering at the counter, the staff would come over and take ur orders. After which, a receipt would be produced and placed on ur table.

The food would be served right to ur table and after makan, proceed to the counter with ur receipt to pay~

We ordered a 2 Person Combo Meal, which consisted of 5 pieces of chicken, fries, coleslaw, 2 fried buns and 2 regular drinks~

Prices are surprisingly on the steep side. Costs us $18.10~

But, but, but...

I assure u it is all worth it! They are indeed doing the chicken better!

Fragrant, crispy, savoury skin which was slightly spicy~ Succulent and juicy meat~ U can most definitely taste the spices being used here!

The fries and coleslaw were nothing to shout about though. But im definitely going back to try the other offerings on their menu!

Apparently they deliver (check out their webbie) as well, but only confined to certain areas in the east. Bummer!

If u have never tried Arnold's before, plz do!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Saturday, March 10, 2007 *

Suki Sushi

Have always preferred Suki Sushi to Sakae Sushi~ Suki's ala-carte menu's cheaper, comes in decent portions and doesn't compromise on the quality while Sakae's more expensive, comes in meagre portions and quality has been dipping.

What's more, Sakae's pathetic excuse for a buffet's really not worth a visit. Take a look at the link to see what they offer and u will noe what im toking about~ Gah!

Suki's sushi buffet's available from 12pm to 5-30pm daily, $19.90++ for adults and $16.90++ for students. Prices remain unchanged during weekends, public holidays blah blah~

My favourite ebi tempura maki! ^_^

Saw the cheese sushi and had to take it~ There's ham, "crab meat" and lettuce inside~

Pipin' hot potato croquettes! 2 portions on 1 plate~

I love this! Fried tofu topped with spring onions wahaha~

Potato salad and chawanmushi~ Their chawanmushi's serving's really sizable~

Couldn't resist posting another pic of this!

Gyoza, ika tempura and yakitori~

Was surprised to see these on the conveyor belt; fried prawns~

The leftovers show where we began to feel buay tahan wahaha~
* * * * * * * * *

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* Friday, March 09, 2007 *

Long John Silver's

Wanted to try out Long John Silver's new item; seafood combo~

And so i did!

Seafood combo ($4.95, not including coleslaw~)

A single piece of their signature fried fish, 2 shrimps, 4 calamari rings and this round thingy called seafood shanty~ Not forgetting their yummy fries and coleslaw!

Their fish, fries, coleslaw and shrimps seldom disappoint~ On the other hand, the calamari rings are too chewy and bland~ The seafood shanty thingy tasted rather good though~

Worth a try, but mebbe not a second one~

Their regular items are still better!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Sunday, March 04, 2007 *

Marché (II)

It's Yuan Xiao Jie; last day of Chinese New Year, and for some reason we ended up at Marche again!

Snapple~ ($4.50++)

Rosti with sour cream, not forgetting the spring onions! ($4.20++) Cheese sausage with sour cream and ketchup~ ($6.80++)

Mushroom soup (Large - $4.80++), swiss cross buns ($1++ each) and homemade bread slice ($0.70++)

Found an unidentified hair-like thingy in one of the swiss cross buns and the staff offered to replace that half-eaten bun with these 2 lol!

Coz we like rosti so much, we had to have a 2nd round! ^_^

VivoCity #03-14
Singapore 098585

Tel: 63768226
* * * * * * * * *

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