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* Wednesday, December 26, 2007 *

Our Christmas Day '07!: Cuppies & Marutama Ramen

We wanted to get a miniature logcake, but we realised there weren't any for sale on christmas day itself~ Thankfully we still managed to get these cuties from paisley & cream:

Christmas tree!


We skipped our lunch today too, although not without cushioning our stomachs with some snacks to quell the hunger pangs first!

We decided to go back to central! We wanted something soupy and i suggested this ramen place called Marutama Ramen which i was quite keen to try but always being deterred by the constant long queues~

We chose to go in at a little past 5pm when it was still pretty empty~

The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059817

Tel: 6534 8090

They have thoughtfully provided tissues, toothpicks and even a flask of plain water by the side of the table~

This was the fried garlic for u to put into ur ramen~ We didn't try it though; we didn't want to have nasty breath haha!

Their menu~

We ordered their chicken soup ramen with an extra order of char siew ($12 + $4 = $16) as there would only be a single piece of it if we didn't add on the topping~

I can feel my mouth salivating even as i look at this pic now; no kidding! There was some fats wedged between the char siew meat; i usually hate the taste of fats in meat but this was different!

Besides the fact that i could hardly taste the fats in the char siew, it also added on to the softness of the meat's texture~

The ramen was springy; and the best thing is they allow refills ($1) of the ramen! The only condition is that u must have some soup left in ur bowl~ Baby refilled twice! They let us have a free choice of topping for the second refill; we chose char siew haha~ (just a single piece though!)

The chicken soup was a tad salty but oh so flavourful! And the egg! My goodness take a look at this:

*Goes crazy*!

I absolutely love the runny yolk! But alas! It was a tad salty as well! Their seasoned eggs' available as a topping for $1~

This is one of their new side dish i think~ Dumplings doused with vinegar ($5)~ Not too shabby!

We're soooooo coming here again! ^_^
* * * * * * * * *

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* Tuesday, December 25, 2007 *

Our Christmas Eve '07!: Manhattan Fish Market

Baby and i wanted to make sure that we have enough room for our christmas dinner feast, hence we decided to forgo lunch!

But then we got so hungry we lined our bellies with some old chang kee and what have u first~ Heh heh~

Eventually, we went to the central's branch of manhattan fish market at 5.30pm to avoid the mad christmas eve crowd!

The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059817

Tel: 6534 7903

We used to go to their plaza singapura's branch before we lost interest~ But we felt like having their seafood platter for 2 again!

The staff presented us with a christmas menu which comprised of only 3 sets of choices and i was dismayed that there was no seafood platter for 2! Thankfully, it had merely disguised itself as "Festive Platter for 2" haha~

Every set comes with the same soup, drink and dessert! I was so disappointed when they told me they weren't serving chips that day!

Condiments arrived first; as always!

Mayonnaise, garlic and chilli~

That's 2 huge glasses of drinks for u! I have no idea what this drink is coz there was no indication whatsoever (either that or i didn't notice) and i forgot to ask the staff haha~

I do reckon it tasted like some kinda passion fruit flavoured sparkling juice though! Both their drink and soup came in christmassy colours!

I think this is tomato-based clam chowder; which is also called manhattan clam chowder! Not too shabby; it was rich and appetising~

And here comes our platter!

Pretty as a picture~

There were some changes to the usual seafood platter; there was the new addition of broccoli and mushrooms, little hash browns replaced the chips, there were scallops instead of fried mussels, the calamari were not as small, and i believe there were acually more prawns this time round haha~

However, it was not as yummy as we remembered it to be~ The portion shrinked (especially the garlic rice!), the fish wasn't as good, the little hash browns were cold~ -_-"

But there's something good too; the veggies was a welcomed addition to the many fried items, the scallops were good, the calamari were not as small and rubbery as it used to be, and the cheese on the prawns wasn't as jerlat~

However, i'm not sure whether which changes applied to the christmas' festive platter or the usual seafood platter as it's been eons since we've had this~

I didn't take a pic of the "famous" blowtorch-grilling of their seafood platter's prawns coz i was too slow to reach for my camera haha~

While waiting for our dessert...

We sat in the al fresco area to avoid being stuck in the greasy-smelling restaurant and enjoy the slow breeze at the same time!

Dessert was fried brownie! This reminds me of fried mars bar! Sinfully yummy! ^_^

The whole set cost $59.80; which would be $70.35 after adding in the GST and service charge!

We stubbornly sat our arses down till the sky darkened to experience the "night feel" haha~

On our way out, we heard some loud sound and before we know it, this one huge piece of glass from the glass wall cracked into a million pieces and all that was left was a gaping hole:

Everyone literally stood there in silence as we watched the glass cracked into a million pieces and fall onto the ground with loud glass-breaking sounds~

Everyone remained silent for a few seconds after that before the whole mall became alive with choruses of oh-my-god~

Cleaning up

Fortunately no one was hurt; there was a man standing beneath but he got away in the nick of time~

The police arrived soon after and we were part of the few kapo ppl still mucking around haha~

We're now sure to be more careful when standing around those glass panels!

I shall end this post with the central's gorgeous christmas tree!

Spot us in the golden glass ball?
* * * * * * * * *

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* Saturday, December 08, 2007 *

My 21st Birthday! (VI): The Vila'ge & Thai Express

It was a day out with frens but alas! It was totally screwed up due to some irritants! No, make that A LOT of irritants! Sheesh! I was damn pissed can!

Anyhow, let's get down to it!

Lunch was to be at The Vila'ge at heeren~

260 Orchard Road
#B1-01 The Heeren
Singapore 238855

Tel: 6737 6996

This is their rosti with fried egg ($6) which i made a beeline for immediately haha~ U can add a sausage too but it makes the price obscenely high so... nah! Heh.

Truth be told, i actually prefer vila'ge's rosti over marche's one~ And i even prefer vila'ge's sour cream. It's creamier. Haha~

Some ham and bacon soup ($6.50)~ It tasted ok but forgettable~ Sorry about the ugly shot though coz i was halfway through stirring the black pepper in before i remembered i haven't take a pic of it!

Garlic bread ($1.80)~ I didn't taste this but it should be alright~

Their calamari ($9.80) was horrible! Marche's calamari's definitely tons better! Vila'ge's calamari was tasteless, almost rocklike (u can tell that jux by looking at the batter), and did i mention tasteless?!

Their salad (small - $8.80)~ It's all potatoes, y'all! Haha~

Overall, i still prefer marche; but i wouldn't mind coming back for the rosti! We adjourned to KBox after that and dinner was at Thai Express~

290 Orchard Road
#B1-45/46 The Paragon
Singapore 238859

Tel: 6836 8417

We went to the paragon's branch~ Check out their webbie for the other branches!

We had this:

It was some seafood tom yum stick noodles ($9.90)~ I think stick noodles is a thicker version of glass noodles?

Anyway, i like the noodles, the generous portion of seafood, but alas! The look of the soup was so deceiving! The clear broth was actually super spicy! Which reminds me the deceiving-looking tom yum soup they have in Asian Kitchen too!

I thank all those who came and thanx loads for ur pressies! ^_^
* * * * * * * * *

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* Sunday, December 02, 2007 *

My 21st Birthday! (V): Marché & Underwater World@Sentosa!

Pardon me while i continue on my birthday updates! I've been busy celebrating all sorts of stuff, so updates have been rather slow! Paiseh paiseh!

So it's the actual day! 2nd December; remember it well u peeps! Heh. =p~~ Such an important day should and must be spent with my loved ones! It's decided that i go out with Baby before i head back home with him for dinner!

We'd decided we were going to do something touristy today! Can u guess where we're heading from where we had lunch? *winks*



Our root beer~

We love their calamari!

Rosti is a must everytime i visit!

Mushroom soup and swiss cross bun~

Plain crepe with cinnamon sugar and loads of chocolate chips!

As i've mentioned earlier, we're going to do something, or rather go somewhere really touristy! Somewhere near VivoCity...

Sentosa! *HUGE grin* We haven't been there for ages! We were going there today for one sole purpose; Underwater World!

Can u believe we have never been to the Underwater World?! *HUGE sheepish grin* I've always wanted to visit it so Baby decided to fulfill this little wish of mine on my 21st birthday! Woohooooooooo...~!

Merlion was the first/last to greet us when we alighted/boarded the sentosa express~

The bus which brought us around the island~ Loved sitting on top!

Here we are!


The tickets included a visit to the dolphin lagoon, so we visited it first~ It turned out to be anti-climatic~ -_-" And it's not even near Underwater World! Ate into my precious Underwater World time~ -_-"

Anyway, i didn't take many pics at Underwater World coz it's useless trying to get any good and clear pics from behind the thick glass tunnel! I took plenty of videos instead, and i compiled some of them into one single video~ Watch it at the end of this post!

Baby and i rushed home for zi char dinner with the family!:

There's another prawn dish at the upper right corner!

I had the most blissful day! ^_^

As for the video, i tried using windows movie maker, but it kept crashing on me, so i turned to this other free video editor which left an ugly watermark in the middle of my video~ -_-" Plus my video became so blurry; doesn't do justice to my wonderful cam at all! Urgh!

Anyhow, try not to be bothered by the stupid watermark and enjoy the video anyway? Hee~

P/S: The song's "Sympathique" by Pink Martini!

* * * * * * * * *

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I am 21!

I turn 21 today! Happy birthday to ME!!! ^_^

Gosh, i feel old already!

Busy celebrating; will update soon with loads of pics! Watch this space! ^_^
* * * * * * * * *

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* Saturday, December 01, 2007 *

My 21st Birthday! (IV): KBox, Enchanted & Ma Maison!

Baby brought me to KBox coz it's my fave haha! We went for KLunch and if i've not remembered wrongly, i believe we had the butter fish set:

Usually i've not much complaints about their lunch sets, but this butter fish set... i think the picture pretty much spoke for itself! Miserable miserable portions! Not to mention its unappetising-ness!

I can't believe they had the cheek to serve that! Hardly filling, especially for Baby! Fortunately we brought along our half-finished cake!

Anyway, we still had a terrific time; we took so many crazy videos in there! ^_^
After KBox, i decided i wanted to watch Enchanted!

Not too bad... I'm a sucker for all these princessy thingies haha!

We walked around a little bit before we went to Ma Maison for my birthday dinner!

The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059817

Tel: 6327 8122

We wanted a window seat, but they were all taken up~ Thankfully they offered us a 4-seater nestled in a cozy corner~ YAY to more privacy! ^_^

I love the ambience in there; dark and intimate!

The table lamp~

The sugar~

The condiments~

The tea light candle on every table~

That's our Root Beer Float ($6.50)! The ice-cream was a tad too soft; it melted into the root beer within minutes~

Those are the condiments they served before my Tonkatsu Set arrived! I especially love the one on the left; i reckon it's some garlic sauce~

Their brown sauce (which tasted like BBQ sauce) came in a little honeypot-like container~

My Tonkatsu set ($19.50)! The one i had at Waraku was of a larger portion and was cheaper even, but Ma Maison's version's not that shabby either~

Their miso soup was chockful of ingredients!

The fried pork~

Baby's Omurice ($14.80)! Positively yummy! We were afraid that the ketchup-soaked rice wrapped inside the omelette would be too jelak like what some places have, but we're really glad that Ma Maison's version was absolutely divine~ No jelak-ness at all! ^_^

The insides~

Our Assorted Sausages ($11.80)! I think it's suffice to say that both of us loved this dish so much! ^_^

We shared a brownie ($5.50) for our dessert~ Warm, moist brownie paired with cold vanilla ice-cream; the perfect complement for each other!

This black sesame ice-cream came along with my Tonkatsu Set~ All i can say that it's an acquired taste haha~

We took this huge golden keys to the counter to make our payment!

Love how their christmas tree glowed in the dark!

Give Ma Masion a try if u haven't already done so! The food was great, the ambience was lovely and the staff was attentive and polite!

If ur interested, they have one other outlet at Bugis Junction~

Thank u Baby for the lovely dinner! ^_^
* * * * * * * * *

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