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2nd December
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* Friday, January 30, 2009 *

Happy 牛 Year!

How was your chinese new year? Mine went pretty ok, although i wasn't as lucky as last year in our annual gambling sessions haha~ HUAT AH!!


I had an exam on the day before chinese new year's eve, sian! Baby fetched me from school and we had lunch at a random foodcourt:

梅菜猪脚 for him and 梅菜排骨 for me~

I had bandung coz of its colour - i was in the chinese new year mood haha~


Simple reunion dinner with just Mum, Dad, bro and me:





鲍鱼(谢谢Baby! ^_^)~


The decor!

The indispensable mandarin oranges~

The goodies!


Homemade love letters in a milo tin~

One of my favourite! 蜜蜂窝!

One of my favourite too! Red lemon cuttlefish with loads of sugar!


Candies again~

旺旺 for huat-ing purposes and chocolates~

The ever essential bak kwa! 美珍香肉干 from Baby!

Visited ah ma's place in the morning, and mum's side came over to our house in the afternoon to begin our annual gambling session haha~ We played cards all the way till dinner:

No individual shots of each dish coz everyone was eager to start haha~

大年初二 was at popo's place and we had pizza, kfc and lo hei-ed before continuing with our gambling heh heh~ Only once a year leh, must make full use of the time we have!

Went to the cinema on 大年初三 where Mum, popo and xiao yi watched 幸福万岁 while bro and i watched 大喜事~ We then met up for a late lunch at wan chai hong kong tea room~

Baby came over on 大年初四 and we nua-ed together by watching forrest gump for the nth time on his laptop while pigging out on this:

Sugar-loaded cuttlefish again!

Baby stayed for dinner:

Mini steamboat~

I shall end this post with mcdonald's prosperity meal which we had before chinese new year~ (Every year also the same leh, when are they going to change their menu offering for chinese new year?!)

Prosperity burger~

Twister fries~
* * * * * * * * *

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* Tuesday, January 20, 2009 *

My 22nd Birthday: Cafe Cartel

22nd December

Let me start off by saying that it was a bad idea to go to plaza singapura's cafe cartel for my birthday lunch with milo and mion before our tutorial~

I forgot who suggested it but i think it's stupid me coz it was just at the entrance of plaza singapura, there were empty tables still and we had about an hour to spare~

This experience totally reminded me why i haven't been to cafe cartel in years~

Ok, so we were seated and we ordered 3 set lunches. We got ourselves some of their free-flow bread to cushion our tummies nicely first before the soup arrived:

I think it was mushroom soup; i kinda gulped it down without noticing~

That's mion's grilled fish pasta in cream sauce. We all tasted it and agreed that it was mediocre at best~

Milo ordered the same dish (jumbo chicken leg in black pepper sauce) and i thought we were going to receive our orders at the same time.

After about 15 minutes after ordering, both milo and mion have received their main courses. I have not. And the nightmare officially began.

I waited 10 more minutes before i got hold of a server to help me check on my order. He took look at our receipt and brushed me off by saying that my jumbo leg will need much longer to prepare. HELLO? My friend already had hers ok!?

But never mind, i gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited for 10 more minutes before i got hold of another server to help me check on my order in the kitchen. He said he would and he returned with a freakin' wrong dish!

I then got hold of first server who brushed me off to check on my order coz my order has had ample time to be prepared, rriigghhtt? He agreed and scurried off. By that time i was already seething with anger coz we had a tutorial class to rush to!

I managed to get hold of a manager and complained to her that i have been waiting for almost 40 minutes and there's still no sight of my stupid jumbo chicken leg! She finally got another server to get me my freakin' order and mumbled a sorry to me. Wah lao!

Here's the offending dish:

They've obviously forgotten about my order lor. And it's not even that nice. The chicken would have been tasteless without the black pepper sauce~


Magnolia ice-cream. -_-"

I only had less than 15 minutes to gulp down my lunch and ice-cream before rushing off to class!

I sent them a complaint via their online feedback form some time later and insisted on a reponse from them in my complaint, if not i think they will 不把我放在眼里 leh! I received a reply 2 days later saying that they will conduct an internal investigation~

On the very next day, they replied and apologised, saying that the staff "acknowledged the incident with regrets". Yeh right. Like i believe!

Both of their emails actually sound suspiciously like template answers to me. I remember reading the exact same words from another blog where the blogger had complained to cafe cartel and received their email reply too!

Cafe Cartel 根本一点诚意都沒有嘛!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Monday, January 12, 2009 *

My 22nd Birthday: Chalet!

6th December

A 3D/2N chalet with family, Mum's side of relatives and Baby! Met up with Baby after my morning class to have lunch at waraku (central's branch) before heading over to downtown east to meet up with them.

We 念念不忘 what we had on our 5th anniversary, so we ordered the exact same things haha~

Baby's tonkatsu set ($15.50)~

Mine ($14.80)~

The only thing different was the side dish:

Tonpei yaki ($6.80)

New candy shop in central!

Apparently all candies sold here are handmade~ We saw them in action, but didn't manage to snap any pics coz there were too many people blocking the view haha~

More candies!

Baby and i got these lollipops for the little cousins:

All of them gave nice reviews for the lollipops!

The whole bunch of us went to this chinese restaurant called "different tastes" but no pics coz all the food were pretty much snapped up the moment they arrived haha~

We then took a walk and got addicted to the games in E!Hub's arcade!

7th December

On the 2nd day, we had breakfast at burger king coz mcdonald's was full haha~

I forgot the name for this breakfast set but it kinda resembles mcdonald's big breakfast don't u think?

We then spent the afternoon nua-ing and pigging out in front of the telly in our rooms before getting ready for the bbq in the late afternoon~

And bbq for our dinner!

Mum's marinated pork chops and chicken wings were super yummy!

Only 2 pics of the bbq coz... too busy!

Baby and i hung out at McCafe for a while before heading back with our supper (McChicken and large fries from mcdonald's) and this:

Half of the whipped cream had already melted by the time we reached our room~

Iced chocolate from McCafe! Orgasmic la this drink! Never knew it was this nice!

8th December

Day to go home! Baby and i have won quite a number of tickets from E!Hub's arcade over the past 2 days, so we went to exchange them for some random stuff first~

200+ of them!

We exchanged the tickets for these:

Cutsey stuff which i have no use for haha~

Had lunch at E!Hub before heading home!

The overhyped mr chicken rice

Mr chicken rice is opened by the ex-chef of mandarin hotel's chatterbox and he used to have a stall at downtown east's foodcourt. I have tried it once back then and it was really really average~

He has since relocated to his own chicken rice shop here in E!Hub and we thought we'd try it out again!

That's 2 set meals plus an extra order of veggies~

Erm. Still really average. We've tasted better chicken rice in kopitiams and foodcourts. The crowd is probably due to the hype and the chef's reputation~ The only saving grace was the beancurd dish shown above!

We'll be back!

P/S: Do bear with me for the many birthday celebration posts as i really want to remember them by documenting them down on this blog!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Friday, January 09, 2009 *

My 22nd Birthday: Kuishin-Bo

2nd December

It's the actual day and Baby brought me to kuishin-bo for my birthday lunch buffet! ^_^

Suntec City Mall #03-002
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Tel: 6238 7088


Kuishin-Bo at suntec has gone through a renovation last year i think. It's entrance looks like this a long time ago~

Still gotta love their chawanmushi!

Their tempura prawns (not the breaded ones) are orgasmic haha~

This fried noodles thingy wasn't too bad~

Teppanyaki: Chicken and beef not as good as before. Dory fish still rocks!

Random-tasting soba~

This is called nabe. If there's crab in it, it would be called kani nabe. Haha i love its name! Very flavourful broth!

Desserts were alright - not particularly fantastic~

More desserts!

Baby skewered the grapes haha~

Their vanilla ice-cream was really a letdown compared to before!

Fruits to end off the meal!

It's a miracle we still have room for dinner later in the night at yoshinoya:

Skinless chicken bowls for both of us! But then they bluff leh, there's still so much fatty skin on the chicken!

P/S: If anyone wishes to know, our weekday lunch at kuishin-bo costs $26.90++ per person~
* * * * * * * * *

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