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* Monday, June 25, 2007 *

The Asian Kitchen (II)

We're really falling in love with this place (particularly the marina square's outlet)~

Jux so u noe, the marina square's outlet offers rice sets and side dishes like sambal kangkong and such whereas other outlets like the citylink one is more of the la mian, xiao long bao and dumplings type~

We went to the marina square's outlet for dinner again! ^_^ (Pardon the blurry pics!)

Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

Tel: 6333 5961

The decor~

Baby ordered the Tom Yum Seafood Rice set ($7.70)~ Plz dun be fooled by the innocent-looking soup; it literally burned our throats! I can take (slightly) above average spiciness pretty well and to think that my first sip of that soup caused me to choke and reach for the iced water immediately!

Despite the extraordinary spiciness, the tom yum seafood soup is actually rather good~ Flavoury, adequately sour and loaded with fish slices, prawns and squid slices~

I had the Grilled Chicken Rice Set ($8.70)~ Generous portion of the grilled chicken which was savoury and tender; was surprised to see the addition of an egg!

The sauce that came along with it was quite the perfect complement to the grilled chicken! In fact, it tasted good with everything else (the side dishes we ordered) too!

Super blurry pic! Shall take a better pic of this dish next time!

The Viet Calamari ($5.70)~ This was marvellous! The batter was cripsy but not oily and the inside tender without losing it's Q-ness~ I can even eat the appetising sweet and sour sauce on its own!

The Sambal Kangkong ($5.70) is a must-have after our previous visit! Still as good as we remembered it!

The service there is brisk and satisfactory, albeit a female supervisor who had a loud voice and sounded like she's shouting whenever she talked!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Sunday, June 24, 2007 *

Our new toys!

This is awesome~ I complained to Baby that my bus rides to and from school were dreadfully mundane and boring and... ta-dah!

He bought this for me!

It's the Creative Zen Stone Plus mp3 player (in pink, no less)! ^_^

There's quite some decent features packed inside this mini gadget; 2GB capacity, FM radio, OLED screen, recording and stopwatch functions amongst others~ Most important of all, it's a breeze transfering songs into the player; jux click and drag~ All these for only $99!

There's a Zen Stone before this which is only $69 but comes without FM radio, OLED screen, the above mentioned functions and only has a capacity of 1GB. I suggest u top up $30 and get the Zen Stone Plus instead!

Baby got himself a new gadget too! He's waited so long for this haha~ I can't wait to play Loco Roco on his PSP!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Monday, June 18, 2007 *

Back to School!

On to Advanced Diploma now! Seemed like only yesterday when i had jux started out!

加油加油加油! ^_^

This is really random, but here's a hilarious scene (my favourite scene!) from an old stephen chow movie!

* * * * * * * * *

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* Friday, June 15, 2007 *

The Rice Table

Lunch was to be at Rice Table over at Cuppage (the other outlet's in International Building). In case ur not sure where Cuppage is, it's jux next to Centrepoint~

43/45 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrace
Singapore 229463

Tel: 6735 9117

Rice Table is this indonesian buffet restaurant which presents ur table with 14 to 20 (depending on whether ur there for lunch or dinner) different dishes the moment ur settled. No ordering required~

Sample ur way through the petite-sized dishes and order the ones u like after polishing them off~ It's a buffet, so order to ur heart's content!

The price's rather reasonable in my opinion; $13.80++ for lunch and $19.80++ for dinner (same for weekends)~

The complimentary keropok~

There's a warmer on the table to keep the food warm, which i think is a nice touch! The above's some of the dishes first time round~ Among them, i really loved the chicken satay (2nd from top left), belachan kangkong (1st from top right) and the fried fish fillets (1st from bottom left)!

The satay's really tender and well-seasoned and its complementing peanut sauce's unlike any i've tried~ The kangkong was good but might be a tad too spicy if ur one of those who can't tahan spiciness! The crispy and moist fried fish fillets had this mildly tangy sweet and sour sauce which tasted fantastic~

The rest of the dishes! Loved the tahu telor (the one at the top)! There's this soto ayam (chicken soup) which i didn't like and forgotten to snap its pic~

2nd round!

3rd and final round!

Not too bad at all, i reckon! They can expect me for a return visit!

And did i mention that their rice was really soft and fluffy (the kind i love)! But u wouldn't want to have too much rice at a buffet, would u? ^_^
* * * * * * * * *

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* Tuesday, June 12, 2007 *


Headed to Sembawang after collecting our Dunkin' Donuts the other day coz mum wanted to get her baking supplies at Phoon Huat~

Not much choices in Sun Plaza, the "shopping centre" next to Sembawang MRT, chose to have Cavana. I've tried it once or twice; wasn't fantastic. Mum and Bro haven't though~

This was what i had; Teriyaki Chicken Hotplate. They had this double meal promotion for their hotplate meals which both Bro and me got ($11.90). All i can say is that the teriyaki taste was non-existent and the paltry portion of chicken rice was bland and not fragrant at all~

Mum had the Curry Chicken Rice Set ($5.80)~ Never mind that the curry wasn't served hot, it's not even warm! They dun even have the decency to heat up the curry before they serve it?

That's the Black Pepper Chicken Hotplate Bro had. Looked almost the same as my teriyaki one and guess what? Surprise surprise~ They tasted almost the same too! Where's the black pepper taste?!

Guess i wun be heading back anytime soon!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Saturday, June 09, 2007 *

Does this fall under narcissism?

Allow me to self-indulge for awhile~

This is a follow-up to this entry; where i wrote about winning moolah for submitting food reviews to HungryGoWhere!

Received the money! I thought i would receive a cheque or something, but i got cold hard cash instead!

Much better, i reckon! ^_^

And before a new winner emerges next week...

See the little yellow box on the right?

Ta-dah! Haha~ The pic (of my hands holding the cash) was taken outside Spinelli in Heeren~ raspberri's my nick in there!

They asked me for a quote to include below my pic and i really can't think of one so i jux went with "AHHHHH! *grabs money tightly*!" Haha really dumb right?!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Friday, June 08, 2007 *

Joaquim Porridge Buffet

We were in Suntec City and haven't a clue what to have for lunch. Settled for this; seeing as how it's been eons since we've last eaten here~ They have an open-concept design; which has its pros and cons~

They offer porridge buffet for lunch and some kind of steamboat buffet for dinner if i'm not wrong? $9.80 for weekdays lunch ($12.80 for weekends). Not too sure about the prices for their dinner though~

These are some of the dishes being offered~ The spread wasn't too bad but the taste overall was nothing out of the ordinary. I couldn't recall any dish which stood out particularly~ Oh and the rice was way too hard!

They offered 3 kinds of porridge the day we went. I chose the peanut porridge; not too bad but forgettable~

I really liked the pastry coated with icing sugar (bottom left)! A pity i only had one coz they replaced it with another dessert! Grrrrr!

Suntec City
Convention & Exhibition Centre
Level 1
* * * * * * * * *

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* Wednesday, June 06, 2007 *

Dunkin' Donuts

I finally ordered my Dunkin' Donuts from here! Collection was to be today; 1.30pm at Kranji MRT station~

I reached there early but the guy was late by a couple of minutes. I spied a few others who were standing around and i surmised that they were fellow customers. Sure enough, the moment the guy appeared with this huge package, all of us swarmed forward~

We somehow got into a neat queue automatically~ Singaporeans eh? Hee!

The poor guy was perspiring so profusely! He even got approached twice by the station officer and police officers stationed at the MRT station respectively coz it looked like he was setting up some business on the floor and we were queuing up to buy from him haha~

Order no. 16!

My unfulfilled order~

Out of the 6 donuts, i only got 3 which i ordered! My Boston Kreme, Double Choc and Happy were replaced by Bendera, Mocha Frost and another Choc Pudding~

Apparently it is common practice for him to replace the unavailable flavours! Should at least inform us beforehand instead of letting us find out for ourselves right?! O_o"

Here's a detailed description of all the donuts:

Top (from left to right):

Big Orange: The frosting was not too sweet and the quite a generous amount of chocolate filling inside which is also not too sweet, i like this!

2 Choc Puddings: This is my favourite! Loved the icing sugar on the outside! The chocolate filling was the same as the Big Orange's one~

Bottom (from left to right):

Bendera: This is quite ordinary. No filling~

Peanut Butter Jelly: Strawberry jam filling inside! I love how all their fillings are not too sweet~

Mocha Frost: I didn't taste this, but my mum said the frosting was too sweet~

The texture of the donuts was quite hard though; Donut Factory's ones are softer and fluffier~

I'm not sure whether i'll order from them again since they're only delivering to Bishan MRT and City Hall MRT on sundays and the donuts were really nothing out of the ordinary!

Oh, and look who's opened?

They were halfway through renovation jux last week and now they already have queues forming (large portion of the queue not shown in pic)!

Dun think i'll queue jux yet. Let's wait and see!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Monday, June 04, 2007 *

Sakura International Buffet

I've had Sakura for a couple of times now and they managed to get worse with every subsequent visit!

The whole lot of us had this for lunch at the Downtown East outlet during our chalet~ It might only be $20 nett ($22 for weekends) for their lunch and $24 nett ($26 for weekends) for their dinner, but i can safely say that i've had better buffets at cheaper prices!

The cream of chicken soup was mediocre at best, but not much to complain about. The chawanmushi was absolutely shite. Excuse my crude language but there's really no other word to describe it. Horribly watery and grossly bland! *gags*

The spaghetti was not al dente and tasted weird. The tempura prawns had batter that was too thick (which made me got sick of it pretty fast) and the calamari tasted like rubber~

The pineapple fried rice tasted like plain rice. I couldn't taste the tuna in the sushi. The udon was way too mushy. The cauliflower was rubbery. The tofu was jux forgettable~ What more can i say?

Teppanyaki chicken with no seasoning whatsoever.

Thick slab of teppanyaki dory fish which tasted fine but then this had to happen:

Can u see the raw portion of the fish? Appalling! Pointed this out to a waitress but she jux told me to tell the chef to cook it longer! -_-"

They had laska that day~ I didn't try it, but the general feedback was that it wasn't too bad~

They had quite an extensive range of dessert but the packaged puddings/jellies didn't interest me much so i jux took the above~

The ondeh-ondeh was nothing to shout about and the marble cheesecake tasted kinda sour; not too fresh i suppose~

There's still lots of other unappetising-looking desserts which i didn't want to waste my calories trying!

Bro took a cup of ice cream topped with chocolate sprinkles and sad to say, it was the best food item we've tasted in the restaurant. It was sad coz it was just some random brand of ice cream provided by suppliers~

Im gonna avoid this place from now on!
* * * * * * * * *

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* Sunday, June 03, 2007 *


Was in chalet from 31st to 2nd with family and relatives from Mum's side~

Piccies galore!

One's taken in the morning, while the other's taken at night~ Both father and daughter (i assume they are) were staring at me while i snapped the pic!

3 rooms with 2 of them connected~ Didn't take pics of the BBQ coz i only arrived late at night and was too famished to bother haha~

Have been here quite a number of times, nothing new~ Still, my itchy fingers couldn't stop snapping away! Hee~

Free tix to either Escape Theme Park or Wild Wild Wet! We chose Escape coz some of us didn't bring swimsuits~

Had already tried all the rides when i was back in secondary school and still nothing new after all these years! -_-" Seriously in need of a revamp!

Jux played some carnival games (won a teddy bear! ^_^) and went on some juvenile rides (plus the miserably un-scary haunted house!) haha~
* * * * * * * * *

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* Saturday, June 02, 2007 *

Great news!

Jux came back from chalet and i received this great piece of news in the form of an email; has decided to name me their $100 weekly winner!

This is such a great deal to me! Gives me the confidence to keep the food reviews going! ^_^

Problem is, i missed the date of collection coz the email was sent to me while i was in chalet! Shall email back to enquire!

Update: Problem solved! Instead of being this week's (3rd - 9th) winner, im gonna be next week's instead! ^_^

Thank u HungryGoWhere!
* * * * * * * * *

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